The School of Sports Nutrition is a digital education platform for amateur -and professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Our goal is to help students get a better understanding of sports nutrition and use their acquired knowledge to augment the outcome of their exercise efforts and athletic performance.


After establishing a sports nutrition company in 2016 the founder of the School of Sports Nutrition, Jurgen Swinckels, realized that countless misconceptions exist about sports nutrition and that many athletes and fitness enthusiasts have lots of questions about dietary strategies regarding before-, during- and after- exercise. 

Needless to say, he provided nutrition advice to athletes during events, but he found that the demand for information is much greater than he could provide in 1-on-1 discussions. That’s why he started the School of Sport Nutrition.


The course ‘Sports Nutrition for Athletes and Fitness Enthusiasts’ is the maiden course of the School of Sport Nutrition but the School has already started writing and recording several more courses such as sport physiology and dedicated sports nutrition short courses, such as sport nutrition for vegetarians, sport nutrition for runners, cyclists, soccer players etc. If you are interested just follow the School of Sports Nutrition on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and/or LinkedIn and you will stay up to date about all the developments. 


In case you have any questions about the School of Sports Nutrition, if you want to provide feedback about our courses, if you are interested in establishing a partnership of some sort or if you want to invite Jurgen as a guest speaker, just send us an email and we will get back to you.


Of course you can also contact us via social media: